Monday, January 14, 2013

Little things

Today was spent sorting through bags and bags of paperwork.  I surrounded myself with a big glass of water, a clear recycling bag and season two of Six Feet Under. It was good to plod through all those receipts, bills, calendars, photos and recipes. I found a film review by my niece, a drawing by my nephew and a pattern for a cool scarf. 

I had a good conversation with a friend this afternoon about my mom. Yes, she's back in the hospital. Yes, she's very sick. The good thing is that she's in a good hospital with a good doctor.  We take it one moment at a time.

Now I'm off to make cookies.  They make everyone smile and make the house smell yummy.  While today's good things are a semi-organized box of paperwork, more medical care and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, it's all easier to manage knowing you're on this journey with me.  It's cool that we're helping each other find the good things in our days.

So, how was today for you?


  1. Today was all about going to see my new masseuse Magic Mike and getting him to help the migraine on its way. And apparently I'm growing crocodiles in my garden.

  2. Yesterday I was able to concentrate and work a full day at work. Perhaps an odd thing to be thankful for, but it's not something I take for granted.

    And I just remembered. I took the two, beautiful poinsettias that I rescued last week into work to wait out the colder weather. They and a couple others were sitting on top of a bin, thrown away. Perhaps they were just in need of the right home.

  3. Crocodiles, Sherri? I think we need pictures of that. I do have one by my pond. There used to be two but one disappeared.

    Good job, Theresa. You are a plant rescuer. And congratulations on another good day of concentration. You've worked hard on that.