Monday, January 21, 2013

Healthy Good things

The work meeting was timed so that I got to see the puck drop - from space no less - then back home in time to watch the end of the game. 

I turned down the Tim Horton's donut and a hot chocolate special this morning for a cup of oolong tea and fruit salad I'd made myself.  I did a Good Thing in my new approach to mindful eating. 

Between work and the meeting I had the best massage I've ever had. I've been taking it easy the last few days and clearly that's been very Good for my body. I was relaxed enough to really feel the difference the massage made. We were able to go deeper, be more thorough. Full disclosure - I always have my breasts down. The massage breaks up the ridges from wearing a bra, and more importantly drains the lymph nodes. The added benefit is that it actually lifts my breasts as well. Think of it as anti-gravity.

Because of the temple pain I've been experiencing since November, we tried ear seeds. My body loves accupuncture.  These tiny seeds from the Vaccaria plant are tiny dots taped to a pressure point in my ear.  I just have to keep my hair down so that Yoda doesn't try to eat them. I don't want permanent holes up there.

Does anyone know why healthful is replacing healthy in the modern lexicon? Either way, better health was the focus of my Good Things today.

How did things go for you today?

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