Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good work things

During story time tonight a five year old informed us that it's been years since he played guitar.

One of our young patrons is a fairly high functioning autistic girl. Occasionally we have to remind her that she's in the library and it's rude to disturb other people. Today, she hopped up from her computer and zoomed down the aisle past all of the other computers.  I reminded her she was in the library. She said she was on a bike path. We agreed that bike paths aren't usually surrounded by books so she would try VERY hard not to run down that path.  She did well. She said it was hard but she did it any way. Both of our attitudes were greatly improved by the ability to recognize how the other perceived that wide space behind the computers. 

I'm going to a baby shower on Saturday. The theme is owls. One of my coworkers was out shopping today and found baby owl dishes. It was a total score and I'm going there tomorrow to pick them up.

Another coworker brought in a beautiful creamy thick sweater. It's cowl necked, lots of cables and long sleeves. I will never in a month of Sundays wear it because even today, when it was -15C outside, I wore short sleeves. But another coworker thought it was beautiful and is always cold. So one sweater made three of us happy. 

This whole looking on the bright side of life thing is contagious.  And is making all aspects of my life more enjoyable. 

How's it working for you?

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  1. My good thing yesterday was talking to a very good friend who helped to pull me out of negative and twisted thoughts that seemed to have frozen me solid. Thanks again! :)