Monday, January 07, 2013


I was moving everything out of my spare room when I discovered my DNe's passport - which reminded me that mine is set to expire. Better now than when I try to cross the border.

Another Good Thing - I found a bottle of wine. Who loses a bottle of wine in their spare room?  I am ashamed to have done that. It's amazing what I found behind my desk - including a film outline for a project that I want to revisit. 

If I cleaned and purged rooms more often I wouldn't have as much fun finding stuff.  That's my theory, please don't disillusion me.

I also found a packet of photographs I took out in Oregon a few years ago.  Remember when the Pacific Ocean tried to trip me?  Photos were from that vacation.


  1. What great finds! Isn't it fun to find things we didn't even know we had?

  2. I knew I had most of that, just didn't know where :) but yes, it has been fun.