Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday night

One conversation had a disappointing start but ended well. Another started optimistically and finished on a disappointing note.  Balance.  My life has it.

Okay, maybe not. But. I am working on it.

I brought the rest of the yarn down out of the attic. Tomorrow, I'll sort and place inside the yarn cupboard.  I really love how organized everything is in the reclaimed family heirloom.

Last night, I tore out an entire wrap that was 3/4 complete. I just couldn't find the original way I'd executed the stitches. By starting fresh, it will be a stronger construction. It will retain the shape, yarn and essence without all of the mistakes. I'll likely make new ones. I suspect there's a life lesson to be had by trying to make it into something I used to do and just making a big mess in the attempt.

I received a very lovely, and unexpected, card in the mail today.  I am humbled.

How was your day?

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