Thursday, June 06, 2013

Traveling Good Things

A dear friend drove up from North Carolina yesterday to visit me in Virginia. I cannot tell you how special that makes me feel.  The three of us spent the afternoon sitting on the porch, talking, laughing, forgetting to pick young man-child up from school. To add insult to injury, he had to feed himself dinner as we never got around to eating it ourselves.

I can't tell you what we talked about, partly because I don't remember most of it. They were the conversations three people have about the people they care about, places they wish to see, how they want to travel and every other topic that crosses their minds.  By the time we realized the time,  it was far too late for the return drive to North Carolina.

This morning dawned cloudy and beset by Tropical Storm Andrea. We shared coffee, tea, toast and the last of the fresh berries from the weekend. RSS offered to make french toast but we declined.

A fun trip to local shops for some last minute souvenirs led to some infamous stores, unique gifts and an amazing find - a full color photo of Secretariat in a frame made from part of Meadow Farm's fence. What an incredible gift from my two friends. It's traveling carry-on with me as I head home. Let's home the storm let's us all safely pass.

Lunch was a lovely meal with tomato orange soup that had a light refreshing taste. I spent most of the afternoon enticing my friends to kidnap their husbands for a relaxing vacation north of the border.

The last few days have been full. Too many Good Things to recount. While I've enjoyed the locations, it was the people who made the travel worthwhile. I am truly blessed.

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