Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday good things

Last week we wedged the china cabinet in the stairwell.  I don't know what we were thinking. Today, we picked it up and carried it up the stairs and placed it against the wall. In less than two minutes. I had a lot of fun filling it with yarn.  There's room for more which is convenient considering the containers of yarn in the attic.

Later,  I sat on the  floor and wiped down a small chest of drawers with lemon oil. The wood was thirsty.  I need to get pulls for the drawers instead of the nails that are there now.

Ky and I weeded a few spots in the garden, used the push mower on the grass and watered the plants. I selfishly ate all four strawberries fresh off
the vine. I was given an easy jam recipe that I'm going to try on the mulberries later this week.
There were a few challenges today. I'm fortunate that friends were able to remind me that all will be well. And my coworker reminded me to laugh at life. So I did.

I hope there was humour in your day.

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