Monday, June 17, 2013

Growing good things

One Good Thing about the day - Ky's vet appointment went well.  He was happy to be done and got lots of belly rubs for allowing the tech to take blood from his jugular.  He has too much fur for them to be able to get anything out of his leg,even with shaving.  He's a good boy.

We went home and worked in the garden. Ky loves to help me weed.  He wasn't as thrilled with the way I hacked through the roses and honeysuckles but he did try to play ball with the fish.  They didn't toss it back.

I planted tomatoes and poppies, sowed spinach and cucumber seeds and dug out lemon balm and plantain.  It was good to get my hands dirty.  I start with gloves but usually take them off. Nothing beats the feel of warm earth. 

Quiet night working on a few things.  It's good to be able to think for a bit without distraction.  No real conclusions yet but processing takes time.

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