Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Several good things

I spent a significant portion of the day tracing The Dress (Regency gown that I need for Monday) pattern onto tracing paper so that I could use it to cut out the fabric for the dress.  This has caused me fits of anxiety because 1)I don't sew 2)I need it for Monday 3)there's a certain level of authenticity required 4)I don't sew.  Tackling that part of the job has given me the confidence to take the next step - tomorrow. My nerves are shot today.

Just as we were preparing to close up shop for the night, one of our regular patrons suffered a heart attack.  One very good thing is that we all just completed CPR and defibrillator training two weeks ago. All of it was still fresh in our minds. We quietly and calmly went about the tasks required to keep the man alive until the paramedics arrived.  We stayed calm. He stayed calm and when he left he said he'd see us again soon.  I sincerely hope so.

Afterward, one of our other regular patrons joked that we really do provide a variety of services. I told him we were well-trained but I'd appreciate it if he didn't utilize all of our skill and knowledge.

I do tend to laugh the more serious a situation.  Humour has a way of uniting us, lowering blood pressure and cutting through formality.  But standing there watching this man gasp for breath, I was incredibly grateful for all of the experiences I've had over the years that keep me on an even keel in a crisis.

I am surrounded by smart people. By funny people. Compassionate people. Talented people. Loving people.

Thank you for being one of them.

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