Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday night good things

One Good Thing about walking 32k the other day was that today's 7k felt like nothing. It might have actually been closer to 9k. I wasn't keeping track. The sun was shining and hot, the bugs were out but so were the chipmunks and blue jays. It was nice to walk along and reflect on how different a trek it is with two people vs a thousand.

I have my Great Granny's cabinet in my living room and it has yarn in it. Today I cleaned up the two small chests I picked up last week and tucked them on either side of the cabinet. Then I went back to the house and picked up an old wooden tool chest my great-uncle made, two boxes of photographs, slides and filmstrips as well as the projector to show them on. Once I've cleaned out the trunk, I'll store all the photographs inside it.  That might take some time. I still have to figure out where to put the chest. 

DNe, his girlfriend and I went out for drinks with an old friend of mine who brought a friend of his. It was an eclectic mix of energy and ideas. Time just flew while we discussed time travel, Columbus, Picasso, healing power of animals, jobs, creativity, life and death.  I enjoy conversations like that a great deal. We made plans to do it all again in a few weeks.

It's interesting to me how much easier it is to think of Good Things now that I'm doing it all the time. I was furious this evening because the neighbours had cut the lower branches off the trees at the side of my house. Apparently, they had asked my dad who said it was okay.  But it wasn't okay with me.  Not because I thought the branches should stay - they were impeding the view from the stop sign - but because there were nests in two of the trees. Now I have three trees who are lop-sided while two different bird families are homeless. The One Good Thing?  The babies had fledged. Another Good Thing? I had planned to do the tree trimming next week.  By looking for the good thing, I lost a lot of my temper.  It wasn't serving a purpose.  I can even out the branches and make sure the trees understand what happened while I do it.  They know more than we think they do.

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