Sunday, June 09, 2013

One Good Thing about getting up with the sun is beating the heat on the trail.  Traffic is light, no one else is on the trail and the air is fresh. 

We walked from Queenston to Niagara College and marked the trail with tape. This will make it much easier to place the signs when they come in next week. We also measured and marked the spots that require rope.  Not only was it a good walk but I felt so productive. We had to stop and buy more tape before we finished up at DeCou House.  That's the longest I've walked in one day. It was fantastic.

One of the volunteers told me about a house that has the same floor plan as DeCou House so we drove by it.  I'm going to take DNe over there tomorrow so that he can envision it for the painting he's doing as part of the Battle of Beaverdams festivities.

One Good Thing about all of the rain we've had lately is my pond is filled to the brim. I guess the repair held.  I had to bail it this evening to make room for the rain that's coming over the next two days.  As this time last year was dangerously dry,  I'll work my abs and upper body bailing and watering.

I'm tired but it's a good, used-lots-of-different-muscle-groups kind of way.

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