Friday, June 14, 2013

Little things

On a day where I struggled with a very bad headache, it was the little things that reminded me life is good.

I saw a homemade sign that I thought read: Gertian Shepherd Pups for sale.  Obviously it said German but I giggled for several miles trying to picture Gertian shepherds.  What would they look like?

I had a spirited discussion with the single dad whose little daughter is a shoe princess. Apparently, she's gifted in languages. I told him one day she will save the world with her love of books.

My friend/coworker's goodbye dinner was tonight. We laughed so hard at all the shared memories.  He grew up in front of our eyes. 

The patron who suffered a heart attack the other day ambled through the door this afternoon.  His thank-you was heartfelt. I asked him never to do that again. He said he would try not to.  He was very touched by our concern.  I was so happy to see him upright.

So nightmares may have blotted my morning, and the headache narrowed my vision but other people reminded me that life is good.

Gertian Shepherds for everyone!

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