Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One Good Thing

One Good Thing about this blog is no matter what my mood, frustrations or disappointments, at the end of every day I sit down and think of at least one good thing that happened today.  It makes a difference. People are still goofs, fabric is still not as wide as it said it was, etc., etc., etc.

A friend I've been trying to get ahold of for weeks, who had changed her phone number and not given it to me, called and we caught up. There's been a lot of upheaval in her life lately.  Apparently, she left a message with her phone number a couple of weeks ago but no one remembers that. Nevermind, we're back in touch and that really was a good thing. It was great to hear her voice.

My cousin dropped off a box of photo albums from my great-aunt's house. I'm going to scan them and add to the ever-growing digital collection I have. Once I do these and the other 3/4 of the collection, I'll put them on a digital frame so my great-aunt can view them whenever she wishes. All the cousins will have access to them as well. We will preserve the family history for the next generation.

It's pretty impressive that my DNi and DNe know their great-great-aunt.  They are both old enough that they will remember her the rest of their lives.

That puts today's annoyances into perspective.

Thank you for listening.

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