Thursday, July 04, 2013

Artistic good things

One Good Thing about carrying a giant purse is there's room for tons of stuff. I was sitting in the cafe bored out of my mind wishing I had my notebook so I could write while DNe installed his art for this month's show. I reached into my purse for my phone and there was my notebook (the pen and paper kind, not the computer) from yesterday's meeting. I pulled it out and finished - tada! - the first part of the horror story. Then I went on to write the opening of the second part. 

I haven't been home much today but whenever I was, for some reason, I turned on the television. This afternoon, it was on the history channel or maybe Discovery so I watched a program about Jack the Ripper.  It's a mystery that will never be solved because no one really wants it to.  They like the challenge, mystery and romance. Romance?  Have they looked at the crime scene photos???  Horrific.  This program actually focused on the victims. They were women who had families and descendents who want people to remember they were real people.  Again, romance? 

Tonight, I deliberately turned the tv to TVO so I could watch a documentary about Tom Thomson.  Another mysterious death. A famous artist. Incredible paintings.  Then I turned the television off so I could think about all that I'd just seen. 

It's quiet here, just the steady whoosh from the a/c.  Most of the art on my walls has been relocated to the cafe for the show.  White walls, white noise and my brain contemplating the mysteries of Thomson and Jack the Ripper.  It's not the personalities so much as the enduring public fascination with tragedy that has me thinking. And it all ties in with what I'm writing.

One good thing about being a writer is the ability to connect a series of thoughts/images/ideas/senses and create something new.

What's on your mind?

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