Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Good day

I got caught up in the excitement and enthusiasm at our follow-up debrief for the walk and volunteered for next year if it happens.  How soon we forget the frustrations!  I did say I'd been in Iceland next year.  That someone got incorporated into the plans.  Ha! That will teach me.

I had a lovely lunch with a good friend in a sweltering restaurant. It was nice to catch-up and make plans for future luncheons.  There was a dog sitting on the porch with his people. He was in shade, had a large bowl of water and seemed more comfortable than the humans.

I went to the fruit stand around the corner and bought fresh from the tree sugar plums as well as cherries.  It was the beginning of the first's season and the end of the latter's.  I love living in fruit country. Peaches are ready early this year but I'll buy them on the weekend. 

I spent some quality time with my DNi before her step-sisters came home from the babysitter's. Then the four of us went to the movie and laughed our way through the evening.  The little ones are four and six years old with good manners and an appreciation for the specialness of Girls Night at the Movies.  There are all three adorable. Lots of little girls hugs and kisses as well as whispered plans and hair braiding from the older girl.  I did something silly like dropping my purse, onto the littlest one so I said I was a bad aunt.  With a very serious voice she told me I wasn't a bad aunt. I just made a mistake.  You would think a writer would understand the importance of word choice better than a four year old.

It was a nice day. Long, fulfilling and I was very happy to come home to my little zoo who are much quieter and rarely all talk at once.

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