Friday, July 19, 2013

Excellent day

It was busy in our house, the bird cage got scrubbed down. Yoda hid in his hut, Kiki bathed in the tub while the base of the cage soaked, Milo hid in the closet and Ky happily squeaked the ball he found behind the cage. I had the stereo cranked.

Then Ky and I went outside and harvested garlic.  Casey had started digging it up last week so I continued.

amounted to this

Then I filled another container with raspberries and gooseberries. Some happy critter has eaten a significant of portion of the gooseberries off the bush. I noticed yesterday that they were quite ripe.  After I put the container in the bucket with the garlic, I cut back the rose bush. I was already melted.   I was surprised Ky wasn't bugging me to throw the ball for him. That's because he had his head buried in the berry container. Apparently, it was self-serve.  I absolutely and completely adore my furry/feathery companions.

What really made my day perfect was this article . It brought tears to my eyes.  These kids reaffirmed my faith in humanity, never mind the youth of today.

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