Sunday, July 21, 2013

Challenging day

Some days I schedule my post ahead of time.  Friday was one of those days. I knew there was a thunderstorm coming. It was best to do it while we had power.  Wise decision. The storm was intense with winds that blew in ninety degree angles from itself.

Yesterday was spent on cleanup and dealing with damaged alarm systems at work. It wasn't a bad day, just long. All of my electronic devices needed to be charged so I left the blog for the day.  I did have some lively discussions, good food and puppy time.

Today was much cooler weather than it has been. Ky and I harvested more garlic. There's one more bed to tackle after this. The spinach and cucumbers were pummeled by the storm but the tomato is fine. It's odd how different plants respond to rough weather. We turned off the Central air, opened the windows and puttered outdoor.

I've been cranky all day. DNe accidentally made it worse by trying to help. So he mowed the lawn, did laundry and fed me. It was sweet of him. Milo has wrapped his tail around my wrist as he sleeps beside me.  He was on my lap but I was too restless.

I am well aware of how incredibly blessed I am. Friends, family, work, entertainment, home,travel - I have them all. I may have misplaced my humor but I suspect it's merely napping. Time for some Monty Python and the reminder that, "I'm not dead yet. I think I'll go for a walk. "

What do you do to snap out of a crabby mood?

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