Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back home in Indiana

One Good Thing about driving for vacation is that I could slam off the alarm and leave a bit later. I was up really late last night and desperately needed more sleep.  Once we got on the road, only an hour later than I'd hope, the trip was great. No traffic to contend with, cool temps, not too sunny, not cloudy, no need for the a/c.  Ky was wonderful.  He slept most of the way, snacked on apples and chicken mcnuggets when we stopped for food.  DNe was a a big help.  I twisted my thumb/wrist when I opened a bottle of water so I'm basically one-handed. I could hold the steering wheel steady but other than that, my right hand is useless.  DNe carried everything, handed me beverages, held my food, walked my dog, emptied the car.

DNe and I had some profound and insightful conversations. We analyzed some of the issues society currently faces and suggested some solutions. We listened to great music, found an 80's rock station that made us giggle because we couldn't remember which hair band was which and talked about creativity with such focus that we missed an exit. Oh well, we ended up where we needed to be in that moment.

The new house is incredible, tucked back into nature, well off the beaten path.  We arrived early enough to wander around the outside of the house, coo over the four car garage that has a loft and room really for various farm equipment on top of the cars.  We actually had a bay to park inside as well so Evangeline is tucked in for the night. Ky has finally stretched out his legs and settled down.  I'm headed to bed myself shortly.

Tomorrow we'll explore the outdoors a bit more.  Apparently there's a Justified marathon in my immediate future. Raylan Givens.  :sigh:  DNe wants to go to Kentucky so he can say he did.  Expect great photos. And Sunday is the Brickyard race in Indianapolis. We have excellent seats just up from the start/finish.  It's shaping up to be a good vacation full of good things.

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