Sunday, July 07, 2013

Family good things

It's my dad's birthday today.  We all pitched in and bought him a new barbecue. My DB came by and put it together.  That was kind of him, less swearing that way. He simply followed the instructions.  He attributes the lack of cussing to that.  We grilled steaks, asparagus, and sausage. There were two salads and a cake.  The kids were thrilled with the noisemakers and Dad enjoyed the racing themed serviettes. 

DB's girlfriend and I had a great bonding moment over homemade and all-natural cleaning products. We swapped recipes and snickered at the way everyone else things we're nutcases.  You would think we'd be offended but it's just nice to have someone else to share tips with.  We both agreed coconut oil is a great base for just about everything. She texted me later to say it also takes bubble gum out of hair. Good to know.

I filled my bicycle tire with air.  That was long overdue. I hope to ride the bike to work tomorrow, barring torrential downpours in the meantime.  Every time I mention riding my bike to work, my dad reminds us that he rode his bike all the way to Queenston to work on his uncle's farm picking fruit. We remind him he was ten years old, with all the energy that age generates, and that there was no where near the traffic there is today. He calls us slackers, we all laugh and I resolve to ride my bike more often. 


  1. Give Dad #2 a huge hug for me and wish him many many more!

  2. Anonymous10:25 AM

    A belated Happy Birthday to your dad, sweetie. It sounds like everyone had a great time.