Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Staying cool

One Good Thing about holding a writers' meeting at an arena is the cooling effect. We were so hot walking from car to front door that it took half an hour just to cool down.  Honestly, it was ridiculously hot today.  But we managed to forget about the heat and talk writing. That was fantastic.  The feedback about part two of the horror story was helpful. The discussion about old projects and resubmitting was also good. Neither one of us is going to any writer conference this year but we did agree the networking was invaluable. 

I got home with enough time for a lukewarm shower before I headed into work.  The temp was nice in there and most people were remarkably cheerful. That is not often the case when we're dealing with weather extremes. We're Canadians. We're not bred for Vegas type heat.

Enough about that.  The critters are happy and healthy.   Family photo albums are almost all scanned.  Writing is coming along nicely. Career has several paths to choose from. There's nothing saying I can't wander down all of them. 

What's new with you?

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