Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ky's excellent vacation

So many good things today.  Most of them revolve around Ky.  We started the day with tea on the screened back porch. We played ball. He was able to run around the back yard and still see me inside the house.  We played stick.  We visited the chow next door, followed mole scents and chased a chipmunk. I was merely trailing in his wake as he explored, played and enjoyed himself thoroughly.

Just before dinner, a movement in the trees caught my eye. It was a fawn.  I watched it carefully pick its way through the wooded area at the back of the house. No momma in sight, but I'm sure she was simply better camoflauged.  What an incredible sight.

After dinner there was much snapping of branches so Ky and I went back into the house. He was fairly focused on the stick at my feet but I didn't want him to hightail it into the brush after another deer, or raccoon. Nature is very close to the house here. We joke that it plays Red Light during the day while we watch then Green Light at night while we sleep. The one tree seemed closer to the window this afternoon after we returned from shopping.

It's been a good day with lovely company. Tomorrow we get up and do it all over again.  Lucky us.

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