Friday, July 12, 2013

Unexpected good things

I rode my bicycle to work this morning. Despite the fact that I just filled the tire with air on Sunday, it was low.  I was so focused on needing to reinflate the tire that I was almost to work before I'd noticed that I'd traveled the distance.  I have not lost all the strength and endurance since the Walk ended. Yay, me.  I filled the tire up on the way home, took a different route and was still not winded.  It was an exciting discovery.  My back didn't hold me back the way I'd feared it would.

My boss called from the other library and offered me more hours from August to December. It's enough to really take a chunk out of my debt without exhausting me to the point of tears. I said yes.  Funny, but someone asked me this morning if I'd prefer to work more hours and I said I'd like to add in more at the other place. I haven't been there much lately and I feel like I'm losing the connection.  Twenty minutes later, the call.

What should I wish for now?

I came home, fell into a good book while a special about King Tut played on the television in the background. Milo lay on my lap and purred.  He has such silky ears.  And a warm little body all curled up with just his tail twitching every once in a while. It tickled.

I didn't accomplish much, apart from making an apple/gooseberry crisp, tossing the ball a few times for Ky then relaxing. It was an unexpected surprise and a lovely way to spend the evening. 

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