Tuesday, July 23, 2013


My Icelandic chocolate joke was "liked" on Facebook by the person it was aimed towards. That made me grin. 

I am officially on vacation. Tomorrow, DNe, Ky and I head southwest to spend time with our Indiana family. Be surprised if I post One Good Thing about driving ten hours. Although, that in itself is a good thing.  We're all packed and ready to go.  Ky keeps nudging his travel leash. He's seen the suitcases and noted his travel bowls were on the counter beside reusuable mugs. He's determined that I remember he's going with us.

While today was full of busyness, it was also fun.  I was cranky when I couldn't find the camera bag but the camera and charger were safe so I compromised.  Which books to take?  Which knitting project?  I stumbled across a great pattern for minions but just don't have time to finish one for a birthday in two weeks. Perhaps, Christmas?  I could make lots of minions.

I mailed a birthday card to Iceland today. The man at Canada Post thought it said Ireland. We'll know why if it doesn't get where it's supposed to.

Yikes, I just shivered at the sentence that ended with a preposition. 

For some reason the idea that I had to bail my pond tonight instigated gales of laughter with my coworkers. It poured today and I don't want the pond to overflow. Sheesh.

Yoda's favourite person who doesn't actually sleep in this house often will be checking on him over the weekend. He will tell her off then snuggle in. 

See you soon. Have fun and remember there are plenty of good things in our lives. You only have to think of One in order to think of others. 

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