Friday, July 26, 2013

Fun day

I cannot for the life of me remember what had me standing in the kitchen this morning laughing and thinking, "That's definitely going on the my blog tonight as One Good Thing."  Whatever it was likely involved the dogs and some word play.  The important thing is that all day I've been chuckling.

DNe was running around a shopping mall looking for a particular sports shirt.  The rest of us amused ourselves looking at kayaks.  We compared all the different styles, paddles and roof racks. I think I might start buying the accessories before I make the major boat purchase.  I really liked the blue one - because colour is the most important feature. :insert self-deprecating eye-roll here:

We had frozen custard for dessert tonight.  I had forgotten how smooth it is, and delicious. I was also reminded of some good times there in the past.  I saw the movie 300 right around the corner from there twice when I came to visit in two consecutive months.

We also walked down the street to see the Not-quite-Nea statue with vines blooming in her skirt.  I'll share photos when I can upload them later.  Here's how she looked the first time I saw her.

She's matured since then, turned a bit silver. More beautiful than ever.

We watched more Justified. One particular plot didn't make any sense and that took me right out of the episode. It was an interesting plot but illogical. Doesn't that drive you crazy when writers expect you suspend all sense of logic?

This house is on a resort-worthy property. It is my goal tomorrow not to leave. Ky is sleeping the sleep of the exhausted.  Lots of sticks, balls, kongs and chipmunks today.  There may have even been a pine marten sighting. That has yet to be confirmed but it's like we picked our vacation spot solely on what would most amuse the dog.  What's wrong with that?

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