Thursday, September 12, 2013


I took Eliot to the vet this morning for a checkup. It started with confirmation that he was neutered which led to the discovery of a microchip(the procedures tend to be done at the same time) A couple of phone calls later, I was returning him to his rightful owner. It was hard. And all day long I felt good about doing the right thing and at the same time horrible that energy was no longer part of our household.  Three weeks of looking out for him led to us all getting attached. DNe said that he wasn't going to miss tripping over the stupid cat but it sucked that he was gone.

I consoled myself with grocery shopping.  It needed to happen.  The store was ridiculously busy and overrun with managers. It seems Jamie Oliver has teamed with Sobeysto encourage healthy shopping. There were great recipes in each department along with demo tables. Of course it was too early in the morning for me to take advantage of any taste-testing. Only the produce department had their set-up ready. Still, the cashier at the checkout was so enthusiastic about it all. He made the entire shopping experience better.  And I didn't buy any junk food so that was a win.

Still the rest of the day was bittersweet.  We let the birds out of the cage to take advantage of the loss of Eliot.  They didn't really do much. Milo looked around. Ky looked around. DNe asked if we could get another cat.  No. We weren't looking for a cat. We just happened to find that one.

Anyway, it took me all day but I finally decided it was Karma in action for the time Milo went missing 15 years ago. He was gone two weeks before I found him with a family and two young pretty felines who adored him. I felt like a rat for taking him from them. They'd named him Inky - because he was black and they owned a printing press.

In the spirit of that memory, I texted the following photo to Eliot's real owner

I think Eliot looks like a kinkajou.  Several texts later and it was decided that we have more time and bodies to entertain Eliot, not to mention a great deal of affection. I'm picking him up Saturday after work and bringing him home.  Phew.

Plus, I think I've convinced Stashaholic she should come here for a few days to recuperate.

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  1. Let's be clear - I'm coming to give my approval to the new family member.

    PS - (insert I Told You So here).