Thursday, September 26, 2013

Private good things

Some stuff has been happening the last few days that I don't feel appropriate discussing on the Internet. It's not all mine. It affects me directly and deeply but the good thing is other people have stepped up so that we can resolve some serious issues together.

Eliot has learned to yelp like the dog. This is a neutral thing but it amused me for some reason. I was ignoring his meows so he yelped.  It definitely got my attention.  I should have a video camera on my living room at all times. I suspect the animals don maroon velvet smoking jackets and discuss the latest literature they've digested.  In Kiki's case that would be literal.

I've been using my new standup desk and writing my paranoid character into a corner.  I like it.

I hope your week is progressing with more than one or two good moments a day.

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