Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It's a hard date to ignore so we didn't even try. My friend and I went for an early morning walk along the">9/11 Memorial Trail
.  It was peaceful and calm down by the lake.
We walked for two hours, visited a baby alpaca who was full of bounce, and reconnected with all that is good in the world. We even climbed the base of a willow tree.  It was a great morning.

The afternoon involved a good book, waiting for the phone to ring and watching the cats slowly get closer and closer. Ky has learned to respect Eliot's boundaries.  I noticed a couple of scabs on his snout. I suspect a correlation.

I went to my Great Aunt's house and packed up two boxes of teacups. I hope that my cousins will want some. I only took ones out of which I've consumed tea.

My story is shifting around inside my head. This means I will write tomorrow. Long, emotional day today. I'm headed for bed shortly.

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