Tuesday, September 03, 2013


 One Good Thing about paying attention to all that's good in my day makes me aware of the good in the world. Facebook is full of stories involving initiative, cooperation and consideration for others.  Today alone, I read about a community who have taken on a big energy company in order to have cleaner energy.  I read of a group of people who spent weeks getting a stray dog to trust them so they could bring him off the street before the freezing weather hit.  Once rescued, they discovered he was almost completely blind.  I read of children helping each other realize their dreams. Of parents teaching their children what's important. Of people supporting their gay comrades in Russia, of those recipients risking prison to thank their supporters. 

I'm an optimistic, emotional wreck.  Good intentions do count. Individuals make a difference. 

This deeply moving video left me gobsmacked.  The song is Read all about it by Emeli Sande. 

I know. It's not quite in keeping with the rest of my day's joys.  But it did wrap itself around my heart like all the rest.

It's all about connecting.  When we relate, we care. When we care, we create solutions.

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