Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flu writing

Lots more orange juice.  Cats beside me, dog on my feet.  Work was alright and the rain held off so the drive home wasn't too bad.

I feel kind of loopy so I'm going to write. One good thing about having a paranoid character, nothing seems weird.  It all makes sense in his head so if I can justify it when I feel better, I'll keep it.  Not that it shouldn't follow the plot but that my brain is seeing patterns that it wouldn't normally see. That makes for some creative solutions, strange conversations and unique situations for the characters.  I redesigned my living room in my mind today and came up with a configuration that's never occurred to me in the past. I'm hoping for that kind of thought process in the story.  It's worked already. Instead of starting the conversation with his usual aggression, the protagonist is attempting to be reasonable. Of course his idea of that differs greatly from most people. Fun.

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