Thursday, September 05, 2013


My aunt and uncle have been visiting from British Columbia but my work schedule has made it impossible to see them. Imagine my joy when they stopped by the library to say hello.  They are wonderful people and I'm tickled they made the effort.  It's funny how it takes seeing someone or hearing their voice to realize how much you miss them.

That was even better than watching Ky and Eliot stare at each other from less than two feet apart. Eliot is on the back of the couch, just over my shoulder. Ky is in front of the couch at my knee.  There is hope for detente.  World leaders could take the lead from these two creatures who have an innate distrust of one another but are finding a way to slowly accept the other on the path to leaving together. Of course, it helps that I won't back done on the whole "why can't we all get along" attitude.  Maybe I should broker world peace?  Forget it.  I'm still working on the "housemates are not food".

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