Saturday, September 07, 2013

Fun with kids

Oil of Oregano did a good job. I didn't sleep late this morning but I did feel much better.  Some important puttering occurred before I went to pick up DNi.  Part of the kids' birthday presents is a day with their Beloved Aunt.  They pick the activity and we spend the day together making memories.

Our plan had been to go kayaking but a thunderstorm sent us to the movies instead.  Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.  Based on a series of books, the movies inspired DNi to read.  That always makes me happy.  Plus, Nathan Fillion as Hermes. Hilarious. With a Firefly reference.

When we got back to the house, DB had repaired my bicycle so DNi and I went for a bike ride with her little step-sisters. The smallest one was so proud of herself for pedaling her tricycle past two driveways!  The older one had two flat tires so that wasn't as much fun.  All four of us walked our bicycles back to the house in solidarity. 

We decided that as much fun as the movie was, next time we'd like to do something outdoors - as long as we were dressed for the weather.

We also had a great time trying to think of who A&W were - Albert and Wallace, Agnes and Wilma, Ariel and Wall-E?  We played that game all the way through lunch. It stretched our imaginations and caused a few giggles.

Good day.  I hope yours was as well.

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