Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lovely day

I rode my bike all the way to work and home. Climbed the hill again. It's getting easier.  Woohoo. Who knew I had it in me?  I'm not exactly ready to cycle the Cabot Trail but it feels good.  The weather was gorgeous. I ate my lunch under the crabapple tree.

Hockey is on.  The windows are open.  Ky found another bone so he's happy. Ky's happy, I'm happy.  Milo is still clawing me awake. Then lies down and goes to sleep when my alarm goes off. He wakes me three hours early!  I do love him though.  Eliot hangs off the front of the bird cage. Yoda yells at him. Sometimes, the crazy bird runs over and pecks the cat paws.  It's odd, the way they interact. I trust neither of them so opportunities are limited to life with bars between them.  I have let the birds out supervised. If I have the water gun in my hand, Eliot runs into the spare room while Kiki flies around the living room. Yoda likes to snuggle.  It's ongoing but I think we'll be able to live together as one some day.  Milo had to be trained not to eat the birds. Family is not edible.

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