Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Interesting times

Okay, so today was interesting. I took my DNe to work at 430, fell back to sleep half an hour before I had to get up and call the vet.  Seems Milo is fine. Eating and drinking, no vomiting.  The consensus is he was stressed by Eliot.  I have a hard time believing that was the problem when they got along fine for the first two weeks Eliot was here. Then Saturday night, Milo hated him, stopped eating on Sunday.

I was scrubbing the living room floor (I had wiped it up when Milo was sick but wanted to eradicate all germs) when I got a text photo from my DBro.

Apparently my DNi had a cartwheeling incident. That is her left arm, broken in two places. She's in surgery right now.  Poor kid.

But my house is sparkling clean.  Milo will be alright. And I won horse magnets at Nancy Herkness Book Launch Party last night.

Tomorrow we take the kid out for ice cream. Because she's going to need something to distract her from that arm. Btw, she's left-handed.

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