Monday, September 16, 2013

Good things still exist

One good thing about blowing off a visit with my great aunt because I felt sick was the afternoon was free. I spent it writing. Thanks to an online touching of base with another writer friend, we set our timers and wrote for two hours. I was able to figure out the mystery of the scene, thanks in large part to the dog treats on her hoosier. 

Pretty cool.  And I canned pears and make a pear crisp as well. 

Tomorrow I work twelve hours. I bet I still find something good to report.

The world is filled with wicked people doing horrible things. I am not oblivious to all of that. I'm coping in the best way I know, by acknowledging that there is good in every day even if it's as simple as we're all still here.  And for those who are not, they are deeply missed. In some very odd ways, I carry them with me throughout each and every day.

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