Thursday, September 19, 2013


Things were a little tense and frustrating at home so I left the house a bit early and drove down to the library I wasn't working at today.  It's a gorgeous drive. I pulled to the side of the road to call my mom and remind her to take a peach to my great-aunt. While we were chatting I watched four sheep run up to a horse who was standing beneath an apple tree. The horse ignored them as they ran in and around his legs, the tree and the fencing then they raced away, leaping and kicking their legs in the air.  One was clearly the ringleader, daring his friends to see how much they could torment the horse without getting kicked.  I thought of taking a photo but was enjoying simply watching them.

I stopped at a local market and picked up a small salad from the salad bar before I headed into the library.  It was such a lovely day that I sat outside in the patio and absorbed the fresh air and sunshine.  My boss saw me and asked if I had time to stay for a coworker's birthday cake.  Knowing these lovely treats  from Willow Cakeswere on the table, I stayed. Even the little pumpkin was edible - marzipan.

 The one with the fan and raspberry was my favourite but to be honest, they were all incredibly delicious. 

From there I went to pick Milo up from the vet. He's home now, lying beside me on the couch. Eliot is lying on Ky's bed and Ky is on mine. It's nice to have them all sleeping peacefully. I like the illusion of peace and camaraderie.

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