Monday, September 02, 2013

Harvesting good things

Lots of good things today in the midst of being dizzy. The latter is most likely the coming equinox. For some reason it upsets my equilibrium for a month on either side of it.  Odd but well-documented.

A late afternoon visit with my Great Aunt left me alone while she was at church. We'd misunderstood my arrival time.  I used the interim to work on more family photos. She was tickled that I'd scanned so many.  I'm patting myself on the back for having the sense to hit the record button on my phone.  That way, I not only have her sweet voice but her memories as well. Even though that makes me sound like a character from Harry Potter, I plan to do it again next week. I have so stories to go with the photos now.  It's a good way to keep everyone alive.  The shared history gives me a sense of belonging.

Because it makes no sense whatsoever to bail on a party because of dizziness then come home and stand over a hot stove for hours, I did just that.  Elven jars of canned peaches, three containers of frozen and three and a half jars of peach jam. 
Why aren't they called jarred peaches?

Peach jam bubbling on the stove

Tomorrow, I will be moving the living room around so that Elliott and Milo can each have their own window to gaze out onto the world.  There also needs to be a bit more distance between a flat surface and the bird cage. Apparently, the Pilates ball offers an excellent vantage point.

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