Wednesday, September 04, 2013


One Good Thing about being woken up by heavy machinery at 630 so they can idle the big Cat until their 7am start is I was up and out the door with enough to go to the bank before work.

Thanks to a friend's math lesson, I've had an epiphany about spending vs saving. This is going to help my waist line as well. I didn't drive through McDonald's for fries. I went home, sliced up a potato, lightly coated it with coconut oil and put it in the oven.  Delicious.

I did stop at the Farmer's Market on the way home and get some lovely yellow tomatoes. They seem counter-intuitive to me(are you sure they're ripe) but taste yummy. Very yummy.

Eliot is settling in.  He's still freaked out by Ky and Milo but is getting closer to them all the time.  The bird cage is covered for protective purposes when we're not home.  Right now, he's playing with fish food. The joke's on him. We don't have fish any more.  The last test cat ate him.

A patron brought in a large green garbage bag full of pears from a tree in her yard. We all took some to make pear leather, jam, crisp or to can.  I think mine are for immediate consumption. My grandparents and great-grandparents had pear trees in their yards. I associate them with love.


  1. ok so you need to email me that analogy.

    Sorry about Brody and the fish :-(

  2. It's okay about Brody and the fish. He was doing what cats do. I don't think the timing was right or that we were a good fit for each other. Brody was into everything, constantly on the prowl. For all that Eliot was living out on the street, it's a pretty good housecat He was sleeping on top of the bird cage when I came out this morning but he listens when I say no. I don't trust him when I'm not here. Ky is struggling to behave. He wants to chase. I should let Eliot swat him in the face a couple of times. That's why he doesn't chase Milo.