Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Funny Good Things

Stuff happened today. Some of it was my stuff triggered by other people's stuff.  Technical stuff happened too. Good and bad.

Ultimately, everything is fine. When it wasn't, I amused myself by catching up with The Bloggess. She has no idea how much she makes me laugh. Not only that, she inspires me. Bad things happen in her life, in her head.  While we only see a glimmer of her life but she always puts a funny spin on the insanity.  Perspective, she has it.  And she shares, so I often walk away from her blog with more than I went in with.  I really tried to make that last sentence grammatically correct but it sounded very pretentious when I said it out loud. 

What makes you laugh and/or gives you perspective when you need it most?

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