Saturday, March 09, 2013

Entertaining Good Things

I stayed up late reading Oz the Great and Powerfu this afternoon. It was much better than I expected.  It entertained us.  Go see it. You won't want your money back. Some of it just needs the big screen to get the full effect.  We passed on the 3D version. 

We stopped for groceries on the way home.  DNi grabbed everything and wouldn't let me carry.  I teased her.  "You're young and beautiful. Save yourself."  She immediately shot back with, "I want to be strong too."  She will do well in life, that girl.

I explained International Women's Day to her and asked who she thought was a woman she admired.  Her answer - Harriet Tubman - included an (unprompted) explanation of the Great Conductor of the Underground Railroad.  "Although she only led ten mission, she was responsible for booking passage for over 600 people."  The kid has her dad's memory banks.

Then she followed up with Laura Secord - and Me.  I've taught her the importance of family and loyalty. Wow.  I thought we were goofing around a lot today. Silly walks. Bright colours.  Twilight movies.  It turns out she pays attention to all of the day-to-day stuff as well. 

I hope your days was as entertaining and profound as mine.

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