Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good writing things

The idea of focusing on the positive was discussed at length today. It doesn't negate or even counter-balance the negative but it feels better. I hate being miserable. I don't enjoy the physicality of it, let alone the emotional pummeling.  Laughing feels better. Smiling feels better. Optimism feels better.

Today, I met with two of my writer friends for lunch and brainstorming. We've been each other's support team for seventeen years. We've all grown and stretched as writers, as human beings - as friends.  We fleshed out Brenda's new series, named my last character and let down the side for Marilyn.  We did set a new schedule and deadlines for each other to meet.  Accountability goes a long way to increasing productivity. 

We also came up with a game plan for at least two writing getaways this year.  Fingers crossed that I can switch up some of my vacation time to accommodate those plans.

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