Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring is on its way

One Good Thing about it being so busy at work is that the day flew by. I didn't make many inroads on the piles of books that need to be added to the collection but I did answer the phone a lot. "No, Skyfall is not available. It is out."

It was a lovely Spring day. I was able to experience it when I carried books out to the car for one of our regulars. She wasn't too steady today and needed the help.  She did me a favour. Fresh air. Mmmm, nice.

We had some discussion in the morning as I was unlocking the door as to whether the greenery shoving its way up and out of the dirt was daffodil or crocus.  Based on years of watching the same behaviour, I announced crocus with great authority. As we left at the end of the day, we noticed said greenery had grown four inches and now had some yellow staring at us.  I might pop over there tomorrow with my camera to confirm my announcement.

I hope your day had a hint of Spring.

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