Monday, March 04, 2013

Little Boy humour

My friend's little boy is six years old. He's autistic but I think most of the funny things he does are because he's a boy. She called me tonight to tell me his latest exploit and while it may not tickle everyone's funny bone, we laughed for a solid five minutes.  There may be something wrong with us.  He was very proud of the fact that his penis could connect with the hole on his rubber duck.    At one point in the summer she had to tell him not to touch the flower with his penis.  Honest to God, I laughed so hard, tears came to my eyes.

He will kill us when he's older and learns we told these stories on the Internet.  Her Facebook statuses about her son are hilarious.  A few months ago, she went into the kitchen for a moment. When she came back, he'd turned on Spongebob. She told him she didn't think that was a good cartoon to watch. He suggested she leave the room.

I love little boys. Their sense of wonder is so different from little girls. My niece will be staying with me this weekend and now that she's 11 our activities will be so much more adult than they used to be. I miss the silliness.  At least she doesn't have a penis that can do all those amazing tricks.


  1. Anonymous8:37 AM

    I have collapsed in a fit of the giggles. Have mercy!

    1. I know. Honestly, at least once a day he says or does something that brings tears to my eyes. His view of the world is so much fun. He's really proud of all the things his penis can do - and he's only six. Wait til he's sixteen. Yikes :D