Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finished projects

I turned this refugee from Stashaholic

into this lovely hat for another friend

I also finished the socks for Kate's DH.  They're curled up around each other like puppies.

Because I took my mom to the seventh circle of hell, aka Costco, I didn't finish up my own hat. It's from a pattern written in 1913 for a motor cap. The photo is fuzzy so I'm not quite sure what it will look like but I think the shape is right. Unless I'm making the wrong one. There are three patterns on the page.

Costco was only so horrible because 1)I'm not that fond of people 2) everyone was shopping for Easter candy 3)that's a lot of people 4) right turn signals indicate the car in front of you will turn left. From the right hand lane 5) a man rammed his cart into my ankle and didn't apologize.  He said, Oh, when I said, Ouch. 6)I'm not that fond of people.  My mom, on the other hand, was super happy to be out and about chatting with strangers while she tried everything at all of the sample tables.  She was tickled with the little chocolate Easter bunnies inside the wire and wooden cages. We bought 4.  Her joy made the seventh circle almost tolerable.  It's so easy to make her happy.  She wanted me to take pictures of the socks I made for her but some stuff happened so we'll do that another day.  We'll make a fashion show out of it. 

Here's the important thing people tend to forget, myself included.  Mom has always liked to be a girly girl.  Just because she's not well doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy the entire hair/make-up/nails/clothes primp fest.  There's no reason not to do all that with her. 

I came home and played with the dogs outside between rain showers.  Ky went grocery shopping with me.  Actually, he kept DNe company in the car while I picked up every thing that Costco didn't have (95% of my list).

Tomorrow, we're going to turn this
 and this

into a yarn cabinet (sheep and cat are exempt from the project). It might take some time but I will post pictures of the finish project of that.

How was your day?

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  1. I am super excited to see how your yarn cabinet turns out!

    My day: I am extremely exhausted and sleep deprived, but for all that, it's going fairly well. Thanks for asking. ;)