Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Fantastic Things

While it was an okay writing day for me personally, it was a great writing day for me to observe ideas and writers.

I took a notebook downstairs and asked my dad to list all the places he'd traveled to through the Canadian military. My list was three pages long. It should have been four but I doubled up the columns on one page.  He has not been to South America, Australia or Antarctica. He has been to all ten provinces and two territories when that's all they were called back in the 70's.  In seventeen years, my father saw the world. It has changed a lot since then.  Listening to him talk about those experiences is better than any show on the History Channel.  Well, except for Vikings. I really like vikings.

This evening was the third installment of Wine and Words. This time was hosted by Chateau des Charmes.  Way back in college, my first year film class made a film that followed the grape from the field to the bottle. We shot the bottling sequence at this winery.  It was nice to be back.  I had the chardonnay paired with salmon and horseradish butter on a sour cream and chive scone.  Delicious.

Tonight's author was Terry Fallis.  He's a dynamic speaker and an excellent writer.  He involves the audience in the entire experience and has a great sense of humour. I laughed so hard, I knocked over my wineglass and broke it. His latest book, Up and Down is a fun journey with some poignant moments about a PR firm that launches two civilians, one Canadian and one American, into space.

I was fortunate enough to receive a free copy tonight. Out of the kindness of someone's heart. There was no contest, no hidden agenda. I didn't have cash on me and the vendor didn't take debit.  I was stunned and touched by the generosity of the gift.  I had Mr. Fallis sign it for my dad.

Next month's author is Maureen Jennings. In keeping with ties to my college years, one of my former classmates is a writer/producer/director on the Murdoch Mysteries which is based on Ms Jennings books.  I'm looking forward to that night out. Coincidentally, it will be held on my birthday. It would great to have you all come celebrate with me that night.


  1. No wonder your dad is happy to stay home and read the paper!!

    I love Terry Fallis's work, too. I've read all three books and am looking forward to whatever he brings forth next! And you're right, he's an entertaining speaker! Lucky you to get a free signed copy of Up and Down :)

    The Wine and Words nights sound great; too bad I don't live closer or I'd help you celebrate your birthday next month...

    1. Welcome back, Susan! How have things been in your neck of the woods? You're not *that* far away...Wine and Words is an excellent series. We've been given the go-ahead to do it again next year and authors are already on board. Terry Fallis is willing to come back with his fourth book.