Thursday, March 14, 2013

Medicinal Good Things

On top of the temple headache I've had for months, today I was hit by a migraine that drove me insane. It was a particularly sunny day, which I appreciated plenty this morning. Then halfway through my work day - whomp. A coworker gave me some advil then I took some naproxin several hours later when I got home from work. It took hours to get relief.  But finally. I'm pressing on the ear seeds like the madwoman I am.

Oddly, what really helped settle my stomach was coming home and burying my face in Ky's neck fur. It was the only smell that didn't make me feel like heaving. Weird. I pet him for awhile and it really helped. In all liklihood it was more a relaxation factor than anything. I don't really care. It worked.  I'm writing it here so I remember for next time.

I hope you were able to enjoy the day.

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