Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stream of consciousness happy thoughts

McB asked everyone to take pictures of the things that make us happy.  Walking to work today, I tried to narrow that down but almost everything is a mental image.  DNi's laughter, Yoda's muttering just before he goes to sleep, the scent of the roses by the back door that remind me of the smell of Germany, (dark earth and fresh potatoes do the same thing), wild garlic growing on Kate's property (I seeded some in my own yard), the burst of flavour on my tongue when I eat raspberries fresh from our yard, watching Ky gently pulling the berries off the bush with his lips while Casey yanks the entire branch through the fence then eats all of it - berries, leaves, cane, Mom wiggling her toes in her new socks, Dad with his arms crossed on his chest telling us stories of Egypt, Sardinia, Iceland, Scotland, and/or Cyprus, the colour of the sky as it danced its way across Northern Ontario, floating on my back in the lake at midnight while the dog swam lazy circles around me, the roar of the Falls as we walked along the trail, an Irish wolfhound greeting us on the path, lions moaning in the garage, late nights laughing and talking and saving the world, margaritas, red wine, pub beer, fish and chips, s'mores around the fire, cheddacorn, poutine, Greek salad, chocolate that melts on your tongue, letting the chickens out of the coop, chasing piglets through the village, sitting on the hill for hours sketching eagles, hawks, and a crow named Stanley, plotting the perfect murder, making the antagonist pay for it in the end, movie night, theme dinners, full moon ritual and walking on fire, holding hands as little ones learn to walk, watching DNe create amazing images, the sound of passion as he discusses his art, sound of pride as he tells me another painting sold, wind in our hair as we race our bikes along the canal, hiding from the dogs in among the reeds, careening down the ice-covered hill on cardboard and garbage bags...

The list goes on and on and on.  So many things I've experienced that fill my heart with joy.  I am truly blessed.  Thank you, McB, for the gift of those reminders.  It's a gift that continues.

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