Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Random thoughts that are all good

McB has this One Daily Thing philosophy so that you don't get overwhelmed by chores. Just do one a day.  I've never been good at that. Stuff needs to be done and I need to do it all at once. Lately, I've found myself adopting a bit of her philosophy and it's working. I cleaned most of the back room today. It needed a lot of organizing.  And tossing of junk.  One little corner still needs work but I was tired and out of room.  Garbage day isn't until Friday.

Why are my shin bones exposed and my calves fat?   It's not One Good Thing but it is something I wonder on occasion.

Some progress was made on the never-ending bathroom leak.  Friday should see more progress. I'll let you know.

Thanks to some brainstorming with friends, I'm on the penultimate scene of the first section of the horror story.  Tomorrow's afternoon plans were canceled so I should be able to finish knocking that out.

I had a great conversation with Mom today about travel.  We'd like to see the world. My dad's seen it. He'd like to stay home and read the paper.

How was your day?

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