Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shameful Saturday

I forgot about Earth Hour. I remembered for most of the day. I had a plan. I spent hours getting things ready to enact the plan (interact with the animals and conversation with the humans for an hour with most of my focus on the former) I shut down most of the electronics, turned off lights etc in anticipation. Then I cleaned a few small appliances so they'd work more efficiently and the next thing I knew it was 935 instead of 830.  I had quizzed the kids earlier in the day yet I'm the one who forgot Earth Hour.  Shameful.

We had a productive day cleaning, taking furniture apart in order to create more furniture. I sorted through some books that I doubt I will re-read. Two boxes and all that resulted is less piles on the bookshelves, no real space found. 

I have too much stuff.  I use most of it though.  I'm cyclical with my crafts, not quite seasonal, but some supplies remain dormant for years at a time while I work in one particular medium for awhile. I always circle back and pick up the old craft.  It's all better organized now.

I reference my books a lot.  Their value lies within the pages and information, or in some cases entertainment. I can count on them to fill a need with a touch.  It makes it difficult to give them up. I never know when I'm going to need one.

Two really good things about the day were my niece and nephew. He helped me clean, organize and disassemble. She reminded me how to have fun, be silly and really enjoy every thing you do.  They allow me the smug satisfaction of "I didn't contribute to the seven billion global population crisis" statement while affording me the joy of watching the next generation grow.

How was your Saturday?

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