Sunday, March 10, 2013

Good socks

I've just finished a surprise pair of socks for my mom. She was tickled pink (and green and blue) by the yarn and the finished project.  Much thanks to Stashaholic for the yarn in the first place. I benefited from a bit of a stashbusting on her part.

Now I'm using the swift to wind a skein onto the nostepinne. I preferred Stashaholic's notepinne to my own but it's all good. My friend Kate bought this yarn to make socks for her husband but never got a chance to do anything with it before she died.  I'm going to finish that project for her. 

I still haven't finished my Tunisian crochet scarf out of Stashaholic's handspun but I will. It's light enough that I can do it as the weather warms.

Speaking of which, today was lovely and warm.  I wasn't the only one out there with a Spring in her step. 

I hope you had lots of fresh air and at least One Good Thing today.

1 comment:

  1. You're welcome - it's god to know I can rehome wayward skeins.

    Pics of the socks?????