Saturday, March 02, 2013

Clean good things

Last time I visited with Stashaholic she showed me a jar of lemons filled with vinegar. She swore by its incredible cleaning power.  I came home and filled an old pickle jar with three quartered lemons and some white vinegar. Every time I ate an orange, I tossed the peels inside the jar.  That was a few months ago. You're supposed to strain the contents after two weeks.  I did it today. I filled a smaller jar as well as a spray bottle with citrus vinegar.  I tossed all of the lemon and orange peels into the food processor and pulverized them. I toss the mulch into a bowl, added some baking soda and stood back. That stuff bubbled up and over the lip. A wooden spoon caught the overflow. I have SCRUBBED my bathroom with the mush.  Actually, all I did was toss a handful into each of the basins.  The vinegar and baking soda did all of the work.  I seriously thought of tossing some into the wash with my whites but was afraid of pulp in the towels. 

I didn't know that I have a zillion little cuts on my hands. I do know. However, a soothing salve made from a blend of coconut and olive oils fixed that up.

It's so nice to have the house all to myself tonight. It might stay clean for more than five minutes.  I doubt it will be more than six though. The animals are all home and wanting attention.

How's your day been?

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